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superman kryptonite lube ass

I don't really know where I'm going with this, but farting is the body's way to expunging intestinal gas. You know where the kitchen is. He was completely at the mercy of his enemy, alone, naked, powerless and surrounded by thugs and the elite of the underworld. He unhooked the leash from the frenulum and removed the ball-gag. Let me just clarify the terms one last time Superman's powerful vision penetrated the weather with ease and honed in on the camouflage overhang and the balcony beneath, now curtained by a veil of water, a temporary waterfall masking it from all but the superbeing and his penetrating gaze. The concealed door at the end of the corridor would not have eluded him had he been focussed on closer discovery and had it not been shielded with lead.

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Alex Coal Drains Superman with CBT and HJ

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Superman gasped as he recognised himself and realised at once that his fifth night of debauched submission had been caught in high definition and rapidly edited into a feature length pornographic movie.

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Superman kryptonite lube ass

But be warned, in whatever time is left to me as the world's pre-eminent master criminal, I will use all of my resources to go down fighting. And what is that? Luthor screamed and clutched the bleeding stump with his other hand. Now the ball-gag was at last removed and he could breath more easily and deeply.

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